A Flu

Holiday season again and the little one gets sick again. We went to her school to celebrate her birthday, and as soon as she ate the cake and was done with the apple juice, she said "mummy I don't feel well , I need to go to hospital.." We noticed her hands were a little … Continue reading A Flu

Pray over..

Je-in has been occasionally going to Friday evening - The Sacred Heart of Jesus mass with my mum at the Cathedral. This Friday, something special happened. Instead of just a quick blessing which children usually get when he goes up during the communion queue .. The priest lays his hands over him and prays in … Continue reading Pray over..


I started the lunar new year getting news that an ex-colleague had died. His family had taken over his Facebook newsfeed and posted funeral details. It was a sobering start to a supposedly cheerful day. Later on, it was confirmed that he had taken his own life. I do not know him that well but … Continue reading Ashes..