The narrow door

This week’s Gospel speaks of the narrow door which we are called to enter. Strangely or maybe not so strangely, narrow arteries came to my mind. This past week has been pretty reflective for me. What is God asking of me? Am I lacking in some area of my life? Is there a new thing I need to consider doing?

My left circumflex artery may not be narrow anymore and maybe its a call to arms. To spiritual arms. It felt like the mid-life crisis I truly needed to wake me up from my secular slumber.

The homilist reiterates the point that knowing Jesus is not good enough. “We ate and drank in your company…” and he replied “I do not know where you are from, depart from me…”

Many Christians believe baptism alone or just believing in Jesus grants you admittance into Heaven. If that’s the case, then the above passage from Luke 13:22-30 does not make sense. “For many, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.”

He recommends Knowing the Word, Praying the Word and Living the Word as the only way to eternal salvation.

I am convicted. I need to try, or at least die trying.

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