More progress

The doors are in! And so are the plumbing works and all the associated bathroom accessories like showers and mixers and WCs. Glass doors and panels are also ready. Here are the pics… IMG_4317   Didn’t expect the pipes from the mixer to be exposed because the current place has it built into a false wall, but all is good. Looks pretty decent with the nice chrome matching the wall patterns so it doesn’t really stick out like a sore thumb.IMG_4365 Apparently white doors are not in fashion anymore and they either need to paint over one for you, so the next best color i could think of was to match it with an ash-wood type door. IMG_4369The main defining feature in the house is this sliding window partition which allows you to interact from the kitchen with the living room. As we speak the painters are putting up the base coat of white. Noticed that also the false ceiling is up. So what’s left is mainly the kitchen cabinets and the electrician to put in the lighting and switches and the final cleanup! 2 weeks to the big move…

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