2-Year Milestone

Its been about 2 years since got a stent put into my artery.

I went for a regular check-up with the heart doc a few days back and they did the usual blood tests. The results were great – cholesterol levels were all under control and his only concern was my blood sugar levels were pre-diabetic.

But I did complain of rare chest pains especially after some exercise and a recent one happened two weeks back during a cycling trip. These episodes felt more like a muscle cramp around the chest area than an attack.

So to ease our minds, he ordered a treadmill – stress/ echo test.

The usual routine ensued – of strapping me up with ECG pads and brisk-walking on a treadmill till I could get the heart rate past 180bpm.

The good news is nothing seems out of the ordinary, they could not detect any narrowing of arteries etc

It does seem at this point, that these rare episodes are indeed a muscular issue.

Well, anyway I continue to Praise God for allowing me a good result on paper. As always, everything is in His hands anyway.

On a technical note – The Apple Watch is indeed a very accurate heart-rate monitor. As I was on the treadmill / ECG setup, I noticed the BPMs were almost in-sync throughout the 10-min. session and was just +/- 1 BPM away from each other.

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