God moment

Its been 20 weeks and L has done the fetal anomaly test which is like a detailed scan of the baby. We are all relieved that all the signs are good and there are no comments or question marks around the vitals.

Right after the scanning appointment, she shows me a WhatsApp message from a Church friend who out of the blue texted her something like “Put God first and everything will be taken care of”. This lady was actually the same person that gave me the message during a Church retreat – it was a praying over session and she spoke in tongues except for one line in English which i decoded to have a baby.. and Je-in was conceived back in 2008.

She’s not someone we keep in constant contact with, so it was really poignant for me to have her message appear on L’s phone.

As always, we don’t believe in coincidences and are grateful that He speaks to us in these little ways. In Landings, we call these “God moments”.

Feeling blessed.

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