IMG_6596Her EDD was the 24th of December and by the appointment on the 21st, there were still no signs of labour and the doctor just told us to come in on the 24th to see how it goes. If more signs develop, she might want to induce the birth. I kinda also suspected she wanted to get it done before it happens on Christmas day itself and she’ll have to come back to the hospital from a family gathering or something.

We prayed about it because we didn’t want to just say induce, right off the bat as it would be a man-made decision and not of the natural order, but by the grace of God, her water bag started to leak at 1am on the 24th.

We were free from making any decisions as it was already done. Elizabeth will make her appearance on the 24th.

Made our way slowly to the delivery suite and checked-in at 3am. Nothing really happened all the way til the doc showed up at 9am and ordered the infusion of ocitocin which started at 1030am and the contractions became more regular then.

By 3pm the pain was unbearable for L and she was only half way dilated. At this rate the baby will probably only come out in another 5 hours. So we took the advice of the doc to do the epidural, which not only lessened the pain but speeded up the whole process of dilation. About an hour of pushing from 430pm and  she popped her little self out at 524pm

So that was how it happened.



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