Salt and light

This week’s Gospel is a familiar one to most. Jesus says “You are the salt of the earth…” The homilist reminds us, he didn’t say try to be salt or try to be light of the earth. He said definitively “You are…”

Hence, the challenge is really to live up to what we are called to be.

And along with the analogy of salt, adding just enough of it, will bring out the best in the other ingredients in the dish. We too are called to bring out the best in humanity around us.

Unfortunately with Singapore declaring DORSCON orange yesterday over the Coronavirus epidemic, it would seem its every man for himself, and the ugliness of it all was shown when people hoarded all the supermarkets and emptied shelves of instant noodles, toilet paper(of all things!), canned food and meat.

This was the second round of hoarding – the first round took up all our face masks, hand sanitisers and cleaning liquids.

In spite of this situation, you and I are still called to be salt and light of this earth.

Keep calm and pray on.

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