Let our love lights overflow

This Sunday’s Gospel tells us of the parable of the ten bridesmaid. Five of them were foolish and five of them brought extra oil for the wait. This is a popular parable and many of us are familiar with the idea that we need to be prepared for “you know neither the day nor the hour”.

We are reminded to always stand ready and to be prepared to meet God with all our virtues in hand.

However the homilist gives us a new perspective on the additional oil needed in our duties. He says some people see the oil in the lamps as representative of the Christian love or virtues or good deeds in our lifetime.

Do we just bring enough of our good deeds when we go to meet Jesus at the end of our journeys? Or do we bring more than enough?

My takeaway is yes, as Christians we cannot just do the bare minimum to “get” us to heaven. It doesn’t work that way and the generosity of the love in our hearts for God and the people around us will ultimately save us a seat in the divine banquet at the end of our time.

So let our love lights overflow.

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