Great adventure

This weekend we started a Great Adventure!

My wife had gotten an inspiration to bring in the Great Adventure Catholic Bible to Singapore. This bible was popularised by a podcast which has taken the world by storm. This is the Bible in a Year podcast by Father Mike Schmitz.

Last I read, they were getting half a million daily listeners.

The beauty of this podcast is that you can follow bite sized chunks of three to five passages per day and get to finish reading/ hearing the bible in a year.

I think you would agree that most of us struggle through trying to read the bible in our life times and the Bible Timeline system which this podcast uses is also a way of stringing the narrative books together so that we get a “story” version to keep us on the hooks!

And so, we just had to get our hands on this bible which is colour-coded and has the numerous notes and commentaries which is linked to the podcast.

As you can imagine, the popularity of this content meant that all the usual online avenues for books were sold out, and upon checking the Ascension Press website, we realised they do not sell direct to folks outside the US. Hence we took a leap to order up a bunch of these bibles to get it to the many readers in Singapore.

The stocks arrived on Friday after months of waiting and we managed to sell it all by the next day!

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