Numbers / Signs / Godmoments

Sometimes numbers can be signs. In my own life I found some interesting numbers that signify something to me. It may be a coincidence to some, but well for me, I do believe sometimes God does leave us some cookie crumbs in our day to day existence. If only, to let us know he is with us. So here’s some interesting ones I’ve noticed:

There are 73 books in the bible – I’m born in 73′

46 books are Old Testament – My mum is from 46′

She started getting close to God after her heart attack about 15 years back.

I had a heart incident when I was 46.

Some years ago I was contemplating a job change, I prayed for a sign regarding the number 20. This was because the office building was a 20. As I drove out of the expressway, I saw a grey utility box painted with a large “20” in yellow.

Almost a decade ago, I needed to move house as I wanted to be closer to my son’s future school. I prayed for a sign, and at that moment a bright mini-cooper zoomed past me with the number plates 3XX.

I went back to search the property websites because I remember the apartments there were in that number series. There were none for sale and I didn’t think much about it. But 2 weeks later, an email alert came in saying there was an available unit in that block. I went to check it out and there was a nice crucifix on the door. The rest is history.

I’ll keep this page as testimony and if there are any more interesting anecdotes, I’ll add them in.

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