Sweet beginnings

Acacia Cliff LodgesSo we recently got married and made an amazing trip to New Zealand’s North Island to top off the festivities. Loads of pictures here.

Essentially a road trip on a zippy BMW 320 (Lucky us the car rental came with an almost new car!). We stayed at the following locations:

Doubtless Bay Villas – Nice area to be based to explore Northland. Its a self-service and it made us think about retiring in the neighborhood because its so beautiful and serene.

Waipiata – Great house for a luxury B&B. Plenty of privacy with your own pavilion as an option and it comes fully stocked with food and beverages including wine and beer. Its just an hour out of Auckland and near some touristy sites like honey centre and the Matakana wine region.

Acacia Cliff Lodges – Another awesome-looking house in the Lake Taupo region. Breakfast was amazing because Rick used to be a chef. You actually get a menu to choose for how you want eggs done. Yum.

Taupo town itself had quite a lot to do and great restaurants, so I’d highly recommend the area. We managed to catch a jet-boat ride below the Huka Falls and it was a pretty scenic ride with 360 degree spins thrown in.

Acacia is also where we wanted to go for a leisurely bike ride down to the bay to catch the sunset and i crashed coming out of the driveway because the gravel was just too loose. Managed to come back to SG, go a cruise with the family then got myself x-rayed and confirmed that there are fractures on the left anterior 7,8,9 ribs. Super ouch!

Still proceeded with the bike ride after cleaning up the cuts but it was a tough ride indeed. Have not fallen off a bike in like 2 decades and definitely not recommended. Methinks its do with a message from the man-up-there but that’s another whole story altogether.

Anyhow, we’re back to our work lives, thankfully office is quiet because of the year-end holidays for most folks. Hope you’re having a good break too.

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