His Will

If you read my earlier posts about seeing 4s everywhere i go, I still take that as some sort of sign from above and it hasn’t abated.

Recently, I’ve kinda decided on my own that we should move closer to mum’s place so that Je-in can phase in to living with us and we can possibly do 3-4 nights a week with him since its natural that we are now a family and should include him.

But alas, I doubt that’s His Will for us.

We looked at rental places and targeted a particular newly built one in the Marymount area and even went down to view a unit. But last Sunday when we decided to seal the deal, 2 other agents turned down our business and the one we met also said the owner changed his mind.

If that’s not a sign i don’t know what is.

Spoke about it to mum and she also reckons that’s not according to His plans. Incidentally, after i fell off the bike in NZ, the time that was on my mobile when i picked it up to check if i broke it was 4:44.

I guess He was / is trying to tell me something.

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