Halfway there…

IMG_4229We’re about halfway through the reno process. The tilers actually made some good progress against the proposed timeline but there were some other unforeseen HDB approvals that were needed so that slowed the timing down again.

What you see on the right is the hole they knocked through the kitchen corner wall so you can see the living room. We just wanted to give some openness to the kitchen, otherwise its fully walled-in on 3 sides and the windows are on the rear. A sliding window will seal up this hole so you can keep the oily vapors in the kitchen but pass food or messages out if you need to.

Most of the tiling work is completed except the foyer and balcony which needed a height permit approval and the electricians have come in over the past few days to wire out the whole place.IMG_4238

The usual white and grey theme permeates the whole apartment except the rooms which we picked wood-looking tiles to deck out the place. Hope to give it some warmth to the place. Am still impressed how tiling technology has created a whole slew of variants in homogeneous tiles.

Last pic, even the bathroom tiles are all complete.. tada!IMG_4243

Remainder work is on electricals, plumbing and the kitchen cabinets.

More to come…

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