T-1 Week

We’ve got about a week to go before the contractors clean up the place and hand it over to us. Really looking forward to inspecting the final work.

IMG_4397The lighting was fitted out this week and there are a few lessons for us. Firstly, we agreed to fitting lights at the main entrance and the walkway between the living room and the dining area. Both are pretty redundant as they are bright enough with other lights around. Especially the main door which already has a HDB-maintained fluorescent tube just 20 cm outside the gate. Should have really paid attention when the electrician was doing his walk-through of the house.

The other lesson wasIMG_4393 that the rocket-shaped light which we just grabbed without much thought for Je-in’s room turned out to be just enough for ambient lighting and not bright enough to fill a whole room. So i guess we’ll have to shift that to the side somewhere and install a regular room light in the middle.

Some other re-work we ordered were the paint swatches we approved on paper for the feature colors, looked much darker on the wall, so its back to good old white for the master room.

Air-con trunking also seemed to be installed by novices, those were commissioned from the electronic shop we bought and not the ID itself. One of the air-con blowers was also not properly horizontal to the ground.  So those guys will be back.

Not impressed at all.

The kitchen cabinets came in looking spiffy though. Check it out..IMG_4410



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