My HDB nightmare isn’t exactly coming through but it’s close enough for me..

We received an envelop in the mail last week with a “hell-bank” note and some scribblings. It gave the neighbor’s details and said if they don’t pay up, we’ll also get burnt or locked-in. The bad english went like “#02-XXX O$P$. NAME XXXXX If they don’t pay up you also burn / lock”. And it was signed off by a “Seng” with a local mobile number and a Thai number.

Was pretty miffed and went straight to the police. Actually surprised they took the evidence and said they’ll dust it for fingerprints. Anyhow, I know the police has been clamping down on these scum, so hopefully they get some success.

One week later, an exact same envelope / note came again. Not a good way to start life in a new home. O well, what can i do. Didn’t want to buy a flat but a condo initially but God seemed to want us to go down this path. So i guess I’ll just leave it in His hands.

Definitely going to install a camera on the front door though.

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