Blessed day

Yesterday was a strangely blessed day. I had to take the day off to send Je-in for some medical tests at his clinic. There was an allergy test of a particular medicine, so it entailed him taking small doses and hanging around a couple of hours for observation.

As my stomach wasn’t well for the few days prior to this, I was praying that it’ll hold up with all those hours of traveling and waiting around. He granted that prayer and my stomach seemed back to normal the whole of yesterday. Today its back to its crabby state again!

Also when i found out the tests might take up the whole afternoon longer than expected, I rushed both of us out during the lunch break to go collect my PSLE certification from the Ministry of Education (I needed this to show as evidence for where i went to school as his primary school registration date is coming up, and i wanted to gain an advantage of being alumni).

The MOE carpark strangely just had one free lot, so i could zip in and the service centre just had one customer in front of me so we were in and out in 15 min! No long queues or delays. Made it back to the clinic right on the dot.

And i guess most importantly, Je-in didn’t seem to be allergic to the medicine, Augmentin – which is a common anti-biotic. Though his case of having a mild asthma is confirmed by the lung function test.

Thank God for small mercies.

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