Swiss chocolates…

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.07.28 PMWe just got back from a trip to Switzerland, fulfilling one of my bucket list items of seeing the Swiss alps. As a kid i was always fascinated by the mountain on a toblerone chocolate package 🙂

Initially we just wanted to take a break and go drive around NZ, but L said that we should do the further out ones while we’re still relatively young and mobile.

So off we went..

Got a flexi-holiday package from Chan Brothers which booked us all the hotel rooms and the Swiss Pass tickets for the train.

We chose a route of Zurich > Lucerne > Zermatt > St. Moritz > Zurich

Trip pics here

Absolutely brilliant!

Probably not going off anywhere anytime soon now that the baby is on the way, so its a nice getaway.

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