God Connects

A colleague-friend just messaged me 2 days ago out of the blue to pray for her ailing father in hospital. She was reminded somehow of me speaking of the Divine Mercy and wanted my mum’s help to pray for him.

Meanwhile 2 months ago, my mum was given a message to pray for a William and she couldn’t recollect who is this man or whether she knew a William from before.

So when i texted mum the message to pray for him with his full name, she immediately asked if he was from the bank she used to work in. Turns out they have both been lifers at the same bank!

So we trooped down to visit him in the hospital as she wanted to lay hands and pray over him. Really find it amazing how God connects the people accordingly so that the message of hope and atonement can be brought along. She also taught the family how to pray the Divine Mercy.

He actually seemed alert and could speak well, though my friend said the day before he was just semi-conscious.

We now pray for him and ask for the Lord’s mercy.

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