We’ve been pretty blessed as a family not to have been hit by the virus til this day. But alas, over the weekend, the boy felt a sore throat on the Friday, tested positive on the ART kit and spent the day in bed with a slight fever the next day.

L’s journey was documented herself..

17.09.2022 day0
sore throat in morning, tested negative.
cough started in the afternoon,
blocked nose started late evening
night- chilly, headache, coughing and blocked nose, wet eyes
Midnight- sore throat better, headache and body aches

18.09 Day1 am positive
Chilly, body aches; took Panadol every 4 hrs to control symptoms
Temperature 37.5
mild itchy throat – not sore.
Sore & dry throat return in the night.

19.09 Day2 – sore throat, runny nose, itchy throat & coughing, phlegm.
Sore throat subsiding at night. Severe blocked nose, hardly breathe and deep coughing at night. (Took 2 Panadol Sinus-Max.)
No smell all day.

20.09 Day3
Sore throat mild.
Runny nose, sneezing, and blocked nose.
Itchy throat and coughing.
Morning car ride to school with windows opened.
Runny nose subsided.
Blocked nose.
Itchy throat causes deep cough, but not frequent.
No smell all day.

Hopefully the 3 days of darkness will be over for us 🙏 And the little one and me are still hanging tight being negative.

If I make it through this round of infections so near me without catching it, I must be truly blessed, because everyone in the office has caught it. It can only be done with God’s help. Praise be to God!

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