Return, resign, retreat…

L’s mum has also done her tour of duty and left us. She was a big help and we do miss her presence.Without her its hard for us to just run simple errands together etc as we’d have to plan to go out with the whole family, baby and all. So i guess now its back to taking turns to leave the house when necessary.

L has also discerned hard and decided to take the plunge to stop work as her 4-months is up. So we’re down to a single-income for now. It was very nice of her boss to allow a smooth transition, so she didn’t have to go back to serve any notice period. It was just smoothed into the 4-month leave and she just went back one day to collect her personal stuff. I know its not an easy-decision on her part, but hopefully the blessings and time spent with the family will give her joy.

This weekend for me was spent at the Landings retreat which is an annual affair. Its my second one  with the team, but last year, I was a participant. This time round i came back as both a welcomer as well as a member of the music ministry.

Was truly an eye-opening event for me to see the inner-workings on how to organize such an event of scale. It was also really affirming to hear the testimonies at the end where the participants shared their experiences of this pretty intense weekend. Many were touched by God an felt moved to tears. This is testament to the divine working through ordinary Joes like us.

We just offer up our five loaves and two fishes, of our available time and effort, and small talents and let God do His thing.

Praise God to be able to see that we have contributed in some way for a number of people to return to the Catholic Church, having been away for some years. Some as long as 30 years. There was even a family group with three generations of grandfather, mother and grandson who came through the 10-week run.

This run was also special to me as I brought a friend D along, and he also completed the course even though his wife had a baby delivered in the second-week. He wasn’t returning per se, as he had also his own conversion experience two years back. But I think it was useful for him to experience the community at work and see for himself the notion of not keeping God just for yourself, but to allow the love to flow to others. Its really something to be experienced and no words on a blog can do it justice.



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