June Holidays

Made it through half a year with the boy in P1. Here’s my report card for him.

Things to be grateful for:

-He’s pretty good at the school work and following instructions

-His Mandarin is already better than mine thanks to Berries. Not that he likes it, but at least he’s surviving it..

-He’s made a few good friends

-He helps his classmates in some of the tasks

-He’s learning to control his emotions, after the terrible outburst at the beginning of the year with door slamming and throwing stuff – now its just a sullen face.

Things to work on:

-He’s still learning the ropes on how to handle money

-He tends to push hard for things he wants, even swapping stuff from the bookshop with another kid when he thought the other thing was cooler. I think the other boy didn’t really want the swap but went ahead anyway

-He’s not so self-aware of things and surroundings. Lost a toy from the bookshop the day he bought it!

-Still doesn’t pay much attention in mass. I know this is a tough one, but hopefully it improves.




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