Well a couple of strange rash / blisters appeared around his chin and nose and he complained he had an ulcer which i couldn’t really see. So we sent him off to Mount Alvernia as it was Sunday afternoon and the clinics were closed. The doc said it was a suspected case of HFMD but told us to come back on Tuesday for a review.

Other than the rash and a little runny nose, he seems fine otherwise.

Its now Monday night, and he seems ok. I pray they let him go back to school on Wednesday. Otherwise, the standard 14-day MC for HFMD cases is really disruptive. Even he feels a little sad to be missing school for so long cos he has friends there.

E is now 7 months old.

She’s a joy to watch and play with but she’s really fussy when it comes to certain meal-times and bed-time. Its causing a strain on L cause she can never get a good night’s rest either as her insomnia isn’t helping the situation. Just praying things will change soon.

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