Fitful 2017

Life is hectic again and i haven’t blogged for like 2 months straight.. so many things happening this year:

Liz got febrile fits twice! The first time her school rushed her to the neighbourhood doctor and he recommended we go to a hospital as its the first attack, the hospital doc said she should stay the night for observation. That was end-Jan, just as we were about to make the trip to KL. So we wrote off the air tix to recuperate her at home.

Then a month later, she had an attack again. This time at home, we were so freaked out we rushed her to KK. The place was so packed and i saw a sign saying the doctor will only be seen in 6 hours! So i bundled everyone into the car and went to Mount Alvernia. Again they kept her almost 1.5 days for observation. Both times they did basic checks and blood tests and everything was fine. Apparently 5% of kids may experience this and it may occur til the age of 5.

Lesson learnt is that the fits may come and go and its scary because after the shaking, she goes quiet and you start to wonder if she’s alive or not. But the docs have said there is no need to go to a doc immediately unless after a nap, they don’t regain their usual active selves. So just do the drill, place her on her side when the shaking occurs and don’t put anything in her mouth.

In other news, I’ve finally quit my current employer of 12 years. I’ve been pretty jaded and the constant re-orgs every year do not help. Morale is low around the department and people are wondering what they are going to end up doing every few months or so as rumors start to spin every now and then.

I’ve prayed for this for quite a long while and finally things fell into place. It wasn’t a quick change though, it took like nine months of discussions and preparation before there was a dotted line to sign on.Anyway, PTL for this chance of change in work environment. I do hope that it will bring some passion back to the day-to-day and will be able to contribute meaningfully to the new role.

On the Landings front,  I took up the challenge of being facilitator in the current run. Its been an eye-opening experience so far, from meeting people pre-run for coffee, to managing opening sessions, talking for almost an hour straight. I can now fully appreciate the effort that the facilitators have made when i first joined.

Well, we’re now busy thinking about the retreat which will be on the weekend of April 1st and all the Lenten activities for now. Praying that the participants will be able to get through the whole run and experience God in some way.





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