December Downtime

Finally taking a long break this year as I had been saving my leave ever since the birth of Liz. So i get to spend 2 weeks at the end-of-the year just hanging and being a family man.

Been a fairly hectic year with the baby and work and time just flies by.

Liz is one now!

Just did a staycation in Sentosa again! Its the only place we’d go with a baby and all. Not so adventurous to bring them through immigration and customs and long waits at airports etc. I know some folks scoff at staying at Sentosa, but as long as you hang by the beach, facing the sea, and pay overpriced drinks and food. You’ll feel touristy enough.

Been also busy playing for Landings the past month as the other musicians were away on their year-end breaks. So now its my turn to take one.. Have signed up to facilitate a new group for the next run in February. Not exactly confident of managing the whole religious interaction in a group bit, but i guess you won’t know til you try.

Kinda made that my offering as a Christmas gift to God. So let’s see how that pans out.Do pray for me.

Am trying to upskill the boy again, and this holidays we’re tying out badminton and chess. He seems to enjoy both for now, so hopefully he’ll pick-up the racquet game for his CCA.

He also enjoyed table tennis when we had some chance to play it at the beach resort. Only problem is the school doesn’t offer it for the P2s. Need to find a way to let him pick that up since its one of the few rare sports that I also cherished as a kid.

Til the new year and new adventures, here’s wishing you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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