Run, Ran..

IMG_8860Just completed the second of two, 10-week runs with the Landings ministry this year. Been a pretty intense time as its the first two sessions i’m a group facilitator. Not sure how the arrow came but somehow it arrived and i just said yes, why not? After all He doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the call – is what I’ve heard them say many times.

I must admit being in the driver’s seat does invoke a sense of responsibility much more than just showing up on Mondays. I need to try to empathize with all the participants, especially the first-timers and allow them the comfort and space to be able to share their faith stories. And the fear is always that if you push too hard, it might backfire and turn people off. So its a pretty delicate balancing act.

But ultimately I’m just grateful to be part of a process that allows people to rediscover their faith. The affirmations that come at the end of each run, after the retreat, do remind us all that the effort and time we put into the process is worth it. The coordinating teams in the various parishes are truly self-giving and I’m proud to be part of this team on a mission.

If you’re looking for an authentic process of coming back into the Catholic Church after some time away – doesn’t matter if its a year or twenty years, just drop the Landings team a note and we’ll be glad to host your return back to Church.



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