eiffelWas blessed to have an opportunity to travel to Paris for work. We had to attend a Hackathon event, a department workshop and a couple of other meetings all strung together so i had 8 days to soak in Parisian air.

Work was pretty cool, to be able to see all the EU colleagues in one place, recognizing people from their email addresses and putting faces to names was nice.

Managed to also do some walkabouts around the Lourve, Champ Elysees, Arc de triumph area on a weekend.

Made two attempts to get to the St. Germain Christmas market as the place was closed on the first try. Got some sausages and nougat which got stopped at the airport x-rays because they looked strange. The custom officers took out the food to sniff at it before allowing me through.

Never really experienced 0 degrees celsius in my life so this was an eye-opener for me. Quickly learnt the importance of leggings after i experienced my face chattering on the first evening there :O

Traffic seemed heavy and congested most times and was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of Chinese tourists at the Hausmann area with the 3 Galleries Lafayette buildings. They really are buying up all the branded goods like they were cheap or something and the store owners must be moving huge volumes each day.

Overall a great experience, though its only my second trip to Europe.

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