I started the lunar new year getting news that an ex-colleague had died. His family had taken over his Facebook newsfeed and posted funeral details. It was a sobering start to a supposedly cheerful day.

Later on, it was confirmed that he had taken his own life.

I do not know him that well but as acquaintances go, i’ve known him for a fairly long time. He was a hardworking man. Also a very effective worker, which bosses like for being able to get things done, even when the odds are bad. He did well at work and climbed the ladder.

His life is seemingly made, with a family and 2 kids and a nice house to go home to.

Things took a turn when he was let go last year. It didn’t seem that bad as he immediately picked up a new role with a plum title.

I bumped into him near the office and made an offer for him to come visit us. We can always explore if there are synergies.

He came by one day and spent a few hours with us.

He was grateful and arranged a lunch a few weeks later. We had a simple lunch reminiscing about the previous corporation.

We went on our way.

That was my last interaction with him.

I do not know what he was struggling with. I do not know if he was religious. All I know now is that he has gone.

And this is a sober wake-up call for me as we have just celebrated Ash Wednesday a few days back. That to dust we shall return.Its just a matter of time and circumstance.

I pray that his family will be taken care of in some way. And that they will be able to move on to fulfill God’s will for them in this life. I pray that God will have mercy on his soul. I pray that he will find peace in the next life which somehow eluded him here. I also pray for all of us who live seemingly normal lives but struggle within.

Eternal Father, I offer you the body and blood, soul and divinity of your dearly beloved son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

May God grant you eternal peace and may perpetual light shine upon you Dennis Kow.

Rest in peace.

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