Keep on keeping on…

Friday’s Returned event was a good reminder of how we all struggle. Our faith is always tested. Some for longer periods, some shorter. But truly amazing to see the 3 testifiers come out of it stronger and being able to glorify God by their life and stories.

This week’s homilist at mass spoke of how faith has to be tested. If all you had was a good feeling, that’s not faith. And testing of faith indeed is not an easy thing to undergo. In the Gospel, Abraham is tested to bring his son up a mountain to be sacrificed. That, after he was given the son at a miraculous age of 100 or so.

The reading does not describe his feelings or anxiety he must feel to be making that 3-day journey up a mountain with his only son knowing that he was supposed to offer him as a sacrifice.

For some reason, all this talk of testing reminded me of my trials when we had to battle with my wife’s cancer.

Indeed for 2 years or so, my life seemed to play out in slow motion. We prayed constantly. I could not see any silver lining. All I could do was to get up every day, do what I’m supposed to do, and leave the rest up to the God who I had faith in.

I knew it will probably end in pain.

I knew it would be crazy, its not something you can plan for.

But I knew it would end.

So if you’re reading this and struggling with a test of faith or a crisis in your life. All I can say is hang on and pray ceaselessly . Keep on keeping on. Do the right thing your discernment tells you to, and see you on the other side of it.

During this season of Lent we also offer all the trials we endure for the atonement of our sins and to share a tiny portion for our Lord’s passion.



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