Run baby run…

IMG_9928So after about 20 years at a desk job and minimal exercising – I don’t even go clubbing to shake that booty or whatever, your body literally starts to rebel against you.

First I started getting lower back pains because my L4/5 discs were wearing out. That made me seek out chiropractic treatments because it was non-invasive and it actually worked for me. They are not recognized by the SMA in Singapore but its an establish science in the western world. I’ve been getting my back adjusted every 3 weeks or so for about 10 years now, and it really relieves the spine and keeps it supple. It feels like a tune-up and you get better mobility after each session. I’ve been through about 4 doctors at the clinic as they tend to be expats and will head home after a couple of years. But so far the science seems to be consistent and the treatments continue without much hitch.

But because of this condition, I stayed away from running even though it was getting trendy and almost everyone in the office runs.

Then in the past year or so, my knees started to hurt and go weak especially at certain angles like mid-flight on stairs or getting in/out of the car. So I asked my chiropractor what’s going on?

He moved my knees all over the place, pinched and pulled and asked me what made it hurt. Finally he diagnosed that as I’ve been sitting for most of my life, my hamstrings weren’t getting stretched enough and have probably shrunk / tightened a little.

So he gave me a bunch of youtube links on how to stretch my hamstrings and lo and behold they really worked! The pain seems to be fading the more I stretch and move. So I’ve kinda decided I need to get the body moving again as much as I hate running.

I checked with the doc if its ok to run and he said as long as I do it for short distances below 5 km and not like go training for a marathon, it should be fine for the spine.

So I guess my mid-life crisis is to start some sort of exercise regime.


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