Open house

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus again uses a “sinner” like Zachaeus to tell us that he has come to save everyone in this world. Including those we deem are living a lifestyle that is wrong. In the first place, its not for us to judge others.

Zachaeus was a chief tax collector and he was rich probably on some ill-gotten gain. But he had a desire to get a glimpse of Jesus.

Similarly many of us may not have perfect sin-free lives but do we have at least that desire to seek out Jesus?

When Jesus says he will dine with you and stay in your house tonight, will you say the Singaporean thing like “my house very messy, why not you come another day?” Or will you welcome him with open arms?

The homilist this week reminds us that Jesus actually is asking us this important question every time we receive the Eucharist at mass. Will we sweep our heats clean and invite him in to our spiritual houses with welcome?

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