Humility and love

This Sunday’s Gospel is about humility and how we are to be humble especially in front of God.

The Pharisees were known to obey the law of the time to the latter and even more, for example they fasted twice a week whilst the requirement was only once a year.

But obeying the law is only one aspect of our faith. The Pharisee was not able to see that he had a sense of pride which made him look down upon his fellow men. He had no love for him too.

God loves us all, so whilst Jesus used the Pharisee as an example, and how the tax collector would have gone home justified after this worship, the homilist tells us that God loves them both.

And indeed we might have both aspects of pride and humility whilst we do God’s work here on earth. The challenge is not to let the pride get to our heads, because God does not need our good works. But instead, we need the good works from our transformed lives to allow us to ascend to God.

So consistently, Jesus teaches us to be humble and loving. Self- exaltation is a sign that we are blinded by our own pride and are unable to see our sins. Let us reflect on this.

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