Drop your nets

In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls his disciples. They were ordinary folks like fishermen. He asks them to drop their nets and follow Him. “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

We all know this story, we have read it so many times.

But it is poignant, and each time we read it, God is calling us.

Are we ready to drop our nets to follow Him?

“I don’t have time now, my children are young, let them grow up first”

“I’m busy with my career, let me retire first”

“I don’t have enough free time, I have my work, my hobbies, my Me-time etc”

Whenever there is a call to serve Him in his church or ministry, we can hear the reasons come up. These are indeed valid and important reasons, but my own experience shows me that whenever we take that brave step to say “Yes” to Jesus in our hearts, he will move mountains to grant you the time and space to do His will.

This is a common experience with many people who are involved in ministry and Church work. You can hear it commonly spoken of at testimony events.

So it goes back to the question, “Will you drop your nets?”

Happy lunar new year! May God’s grace and wisdom guide you on your spiritual journey this coming year.

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