And the beat goes on…

So when the New Year approached, I wore a holter monitor – essentially a portable ECG device for about 7 days. The doc was trying to see what drives my racing heart in the previous incidents in December.

It was a little uncomfortable but at least it wasn’t an invasive procedure. I finally got the results a few days back – and praise the Lord, it showed normal sinus rhythms and nothing out of the ordinary.

I must admit it gave me great relief to know nothing is physically wrong, as it would have stamped a definite expiry date on me otherwise. And all sorts of thoughts were going through my head in the days waiting for the results.

So now that I’ve signed on a new lease of life, I just need to really watch myself to see what are the triggers that would get me over the edge and a runaway heart – I have some inclination on what these are.

But in the meantime, life goes on…

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