This week’s Gospel recounts the transfiguration event. When I was younger, I used to think “What is so significant about this event?”

I’m sure the appearance of Moses and Elijah must have meant something significant, and today the homilist teaches us that Moses represented the fulfilment of the law and Elijah represented the prophetic word of God. Jesus came as the fulfilment of both the law and the word of God.

Another question I used to have was, how do we know about the Trinitarian nature of the God we worship? Why not just one God. Well, at a few points in the bible, its been revealed.

This is an event where the voice of God says “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”

So we are definitively told that Jesus is the Son of God.

But whilst these are all important basic theological questions which you and I may have. The bigger question is actually what do we then do about this knowledge that has been given to us?

Is it merely a storybook fable we just read, or is this a matter of faith?

And if this is a matter of faith, then we need to use this to spur us on in our lives to renew our faith and to live out God’s will for us.

To help us along I dug up the dictionary meaning of transfiguration:


  • the supernatural and glorified change in the appearance of Jesus on the mountain. Matt. 17:1–9.
  • the church festival commemorating this, observed on August 6.

So now it’s actually our turn to change.

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