Palm Sunday

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. The reading is much longer than the usual with the passion recounted by Matthew. The thing that strikes me most of the whole trial and interrogation of Jesus is how he does not defend himself or answer back to the authorities.

He willingly allows himself to be insulted and charged to be executed by crucifixion which is probably one of the most cruel forms of punishment ever for humans.

And the reason as we know is because he is willing to obey God’s will. Obedience onto the cross.

He came to earth for this purpose and he will fulfil it.

Now the challenge for us is to similarly find our purpose in life. I’ve always touted the well-known Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren as a must-read. I won’t give any spoilers away but I love how the first line of the first chapter sums it up – ” Its not about you”.

If we could find our purpose, then we’d be more focus on the end result which as we broadly know, is to get to heaven. That’s pretty much what all Christians are trying to achieve.

So this Holy Week, as half of the world is in some sort of lockdown. Let’s use the time given to us to meditate upon why we call ourselves Christian?

Why Christ had to die to save us from sin?

Why am I on earth for?

And we continue to pray for the whole world. That God will have mercy on us to relieve us from this pandemic. We may not be able to celebrate in a big way this easter, but we can live in the hope that this will soon pass.

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