Happy Easter!

It’s Easter again! The Gospel this Sunday is the one that makes or breaks your faith in Jesus Christ. When we are confronted with an empty tomb, do we see it as the body of Jesus is missing? Or do we subscribe to his sayings that He will rise up on the third day?

This is fundamental to the Christian faith.

So I do hope you believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is our Lord and saviour. We rejoice as we commemorate this occasion.

Although it would not be typically easy to be happy and joyous as most of us are in some kinda lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the homilist reminds us that we are indeed Free!

Free in mind and spirit. This is how many saints and holy men and women through the ages have gone through persecution and trials. Though they may be imprisoned, they understood that the world cannot beat them. They look forward to a joyous eternity with Jesus.

And this is also the lesson for us who are in a lockdown of sorts. We look with hope that God will relieve and free us – To bring an end to this terrible affliction, to allow us back to normalcy.

But we need to also allow God to be God.

And his will to be done.

We continue to pray.

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