Fruitful harvest

In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues using the prophet Isaiah’s imagery of Israel as the vineyard. He even uses his words to describe the vineyard’s wine press, hedge, and watchtower. Israel’s religious leaders, the tenants in His parable, have learned nothing from Isaiah or Israel’s past. Instead of producing good fruits, they’ve killed the owner’s servants, the prophets sent to gather the harvest of faithful souls. He also foretells his own crucifixion outside the walls of Jerusalem in this parable.

He thus ends of with a threat to the leaders that “the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it.”

One homilist reminds us that this parable shows us the great mercy of God. He first sends, prophets to warn us. But we had them killed. Then he finally sends his own son. And we know how that ends.

And on a parallel, if we were to be the generous one that helps someone out, give out all to support our children etc and if they become ungrateful and turn on us. What do we do? Do we retaliate and take revenge on the ingrates?

Well, we are reminded that revenge may be sweet, but we will never have peace. The only way forward is to pray that the bad actors turn around and come to their senses. We need to let go of our hurt and anger and leave it to God. He will grant us the peace that we need.

So whether we are the vines in this giant vineyard, or we are the owner of a small one. There are lessons to be learnt.

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