Good grief

I have not mentioned my mum in a long while. But essentially she has been keeping close to the Lord and praying fervently, intercession prayers especially for the sick and dying and for the souls in purgatory. This pandemic period has allowed her to witness how God wills his people back to his fold. Whether we are ready or not, we all have to go back some day.

Last month though, in her regular medical check-up, the doctor noticed that she has lost a fair amount of weight and she told the doc that she has not been eating well as there is an effect of “fullness” after some food has gone in. And generally she has no appetite. The doctor also noticed her tummy looked a little bloated.

So the doc referred her on to do 2 scans. A gastroscope and a Cat scan.

She wasn’t afraid of the outcomes as expected, but was more bothered by the fact that something was going down her throat as it was quite disgusting to her.

God has also been affirming her in her prayers and online healing masses she attends regularly. And PTL, the scope diagnosed just stomach lining inflammation. No growth etc as we feared ourselves.

The night she got home though, she was drowsy, slipped, fell and hit her head against the floor. She was in pain but never told anyone. So the next morning as she went for the second scheduled scan, the doctors sent her off to the A&E for further checks in case there were any other injuries.

Thankfully, blood tests, ECGs etc turned out fine and they discharged her. She just had to spend many hours at the hospital waiting for all these to pass.

We now await the results of the second scan.

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