Holy is your family

Today is the feast of the Holy Family. The homilist reminds us that we are all placed in families and we even though we have difficulties and challenges in our day-to-day lives especially with regards to disagreements, selfishness and fights over money etc. We should strive for two virtues in our families – peace and love.

Forgiveness is the epitome of love and is the key to keeping it all together.

We are all human, and we are not perfect. This goes for all our family members, brothers, sisters, parents and kids. We all make mistakes or rub each other the wrong way over various life issues.

But we are called to love each other and forgive.

We all know the saying where we should forgive as soon as the quarrel begins. Its not easy, but every time we are able to do that, we increase in our personal holiness.

God calls us to be Holy.

We are not holy just when we sit in the pews in Church or spend some time in an adoration room. We are called to be holy where we are – in the family.

Jesus came to humanity exactly like we did, through a family. In today’s Gospel, the writer recounts his presentation as a baby in the temple. And it reminds us that the Holy Family went through all the rituals and routines of life at that time. The ordinariness of it all.

So let us strive to build up our families to be Holy with the example of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

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