Star men

Today we celebrate the feast of the epiphany, and the Gospel recounts how Herod felt threatened by the birth of Jesus and wanted to get rid of Him. Wise men from the East came and told him how they were following a star to this new King and he secretly told them to report back to him so that he could find out where Jesus would be born.

However they found the baby, worshiped Him and went on their on way after being warned in a dream.

The homilist reminds us that just as the wise men were guided by a star, we should be guided by the star – that is Jesus. The light of the world.

Allow him to guide our lives so that we can come to understand our purpose in life and make this journey a meaningful and joyful one.

Another insight from this passage is the fact that God chose to reveal the coming of the Christ to the three wise men, who were most likely astrologer’s from some royal court. And they were not Jewish but gentile.

This narrative reinforces the fact that Jesus came to save all men and not just one particular race.

So let’s take the example of the three wise men and follow the star that shines in our lives.

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