Have you encountered the Lord?

In this Sunday’s Gospel, two disciples encountered Jesus as he walked past them and they decided to follow Him. He invited them to “come and see” and they followed Him for the rest of the day.

Andrew, one of the disciples then told his brother the next day that they had found the Messiah and brought him to meet Jesus.

This situation parallels our earthly journeys.

We are to discover in our lifetime the salvation that Jesus offers us. And then we need to pass on this Good news to those around us so that they can benefit too.

Some of us are born into the faith. Some get baptized later on in life, as adults. Whatever the circumstance, the important thing is that we encounter Christ in our lives.

Knowing just the historical person of Jesus, does not change us. Acknowledging Him as Lord and savior and dedicating our lives to Him will profoundly change our lives, and then we would have truly encountered Jesus.

And going further, once we truly believe in Jesus and the message of salvation He brings, we need to tell it to all those around us.

This is our mission.

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