Be clean

In today’s Gospel, Jesus takes pity on a man with leprosy and cures him telling him to “be clean”. And immediately the leprosy left him.

The homilist says there is a sacramental similarity with the sacrament of confession here.

Jesus stretches out His hand and says the divine words “Be clean”. And, just like God’s word as seen in the creation story of Genesis (“Let there be”), Jesus’ word “does” what He commands.

The same thing happens when we show ourselves to the priest in the sacrament of penance. On our knees like the leper, we confess our sins to the Lord. And through the outstretched arm and divine word spoken by His priest, the Lord takes away the guilt of our sin.

We should rejoice in the Lord and spread the good news of His mercy just like the leper. We should testify to our healing by living changed lives.

But first we need to acknowledge our sins and turn to Jesus for healing.

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