No cross, no crown!

Today in the Second Sunday of Lent, the Gospel recounts to us the transfiguration of our Lord. The homilist enlightens us that this Gospel by Mark is against an epiphany Christology. What this means is that we shouldn’t focus too much on the glory and miracles of Jesus culminating in the Transfiguration.

He says St Mark, unlike Luke and Matthew never mentioned the transformed face of Jesus but only the “dazzling” garments. The understanding is that we should focus on the divine manifestation of Jesus can only be found at the end of the journey – His death.

Hence the disciples who witness this event were told to keep silent about it until after the resurrection. To reveal the transfiguration before the death and resurrection of Jesus will be wrong.

The truth is simply “No cross, no crown!”

Hence we are reminded that there is a sort of spirituality we must avoid, a spirituality that only speaks of miracles, healings and blessings. That will promote a life of comfort without sufferings.

The passion and death of Jesus reminds us that no one can escape suffering in our lives and ultimately, death, if we want to find the fullness of our eternal life.

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