Today’s Gospel reading tells us of Jesus empowering His disciples to go out into the world and He says, “Where you enter a house, stay there until you leave the place. And if any place will not receive you and they refuse to hear you, when you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet for a testimony against them.” So they went out and preached that men should repent. And they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.

And so we are reminded by the homilist that we should likewise, do the same and go out of our comfort zones to be prophets to those around us. In our own lives, to be the source of inspiration and change for our loved ones and friends. Bring to them the gift of Jesus, and be the source of healing for all their hurts.

We will most likely not be casting out demons or doling out miraculous healing, but we are called to fully trust in the Lord and bring the Good news to others.

Once we accept that God wills it, we can let go and let Him be our mouthpiece.

There is nothing to prepare or bring along in our journeys. He says to “take nothing with you”. But simply to place our trust in Him.

He will do the rest.

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