Here we go again ..

Last night was the first time the Landings community met up face to face since the pandemic started and everything pivoted to Zoom, including church meet-ups.

I was tasked to play guitar for the opening praise session and it was just three songs which were not particularly difficult or stressful. But at the end of the night, after I ate a doughnut and drank a cup of water, I packed up my guitar and felt a massive squeeze on the left chest.

I looked at the Apple Watch and the reading was a 129 BPM. Which is what I usually clock if I’m jogging or brisk walking!

The last time I experienced this sensation was after a short cycling trip about a year back, I assumed I was fatigued and didn’t rush to a doctor but I did bring it up at the next consult.

However this time round I was not even exerting myself, so I told a friend to call the ambulance and ended up in the A&E room of SGH.

The good staff ran their checklists of tests: X-ray, ECGs, blood tests and couldn’t find any abnormalities. So after several hours, I got discharged and referred back to my own cardiologist.

So that’s what I did and we’ll see how it goes on Monday morning. Pls pray for me.

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