Enter sandman

The labour day holiday turned out to be pretty fruitful for us.

L went back to her hometown to catch-up with family, and I spent the day out with Je-in.

He’s been pretty afraid of the beach and sand in the past few times we brought him out there.

It’s probably due to the OCD-ness within the family  where we tend to keep things nice and clean and we pretty much mop up on-the-go. So he’s probably not used to getting his hands icky and such.

But during this trip, I guess he matured a little and could rationalize the stuff I was saying and coaching him with. It was probably also helpful that he could see my friend’s kid getting straight into making sand castles, and probably figured he could do the same.

Took him awhile to warm up to it by using the spades and pail and other toys, but by the end of the trip, he was full-on digging his hands through the sand and mashing it around.

Now that this is done, I guess we need to get him over his fear of the water next…

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