321 go…

We went for the first appointment with HDB yesterday. Thus begins the journey of getting our new place. The completion of the paperwork will be sometime in July and hopefully by Sept / Oct we’ll be able to move in to the new home.

Having gone through one interior design project on the current flat, I know how much effort goes into these things. So I have been reading up on what’s new in these field and the first thing i thought of was to research flooring options.

Apparently there are options which go over the existing tiles of the new place, thus removing the need of getting contractors to hack out and re-tile the whole space which will consume a lot of time / effort / cost. After reading up on the differences between laminates and vinyl tiles, we popped into Evorich and were sold on their HERF product.

Main benefits were it’s odorless, waterproof, has the wood-grain realism feel and requires no special maintenance. Also walking on it feels like its a solid floor unlike the laminates which have this floaty / echo feel.

Their list of clients read like the whole commercial industry in SG and they even have government contracts to floor-up child care centers and new HDB DBSS projects apart from all sorts of private enterprise locations in gyms, kitchens, retail etc etc

Turns out we went on a day where they were having a weekend sale and we locked in a good deal with lots of open options as to whether we are still flooring the whole flat or just the bedrooms etc. Only caveat is to finalize the job within a year.

Next step is to find ourselves a designer!

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