Diabetes has finally caught up with Dad.

He’s had this illness for decades but has always avoided the dreaded insulin jab and the doctors could still treat him with a daily assortment of pills. But as the years go by, the pills got more and today the doc finally put him on a daily insulin jab.

He showed me how it worked, and i must say it has grown a lot more user-friendly than what we’ve seen in the past. Its just a pen-like device which switches out disposable needles about a cm long and contains the insulin.

Jabbing himself in the area around the tummy was pretty quick and there wasn’t any sign of pain or blood. I guess its a new chore for the day and he has to be a lot more disciplined in this.

The other big challenge seems to be what to eat. But I’m checking it out and there are specialty shops out there.

In times like this, you know another milestone has been reached.

Life indeed happens.

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