After the business of moving house and getting through a couple of weeks’ catch-up of work, since I took a pretty long break from the office, it’s time to slow down and contemplate a little.

The birthday is round the corner and i’m also thinking of my mortality and every now and then, what am i doing for the big man up there.

Something caught my eye a little while back and I’m seriously thinking about signing up for a Certificate in Theology from CTIS.

Thought of it as a cop-out initially because i didn’t want to actively join a Catholic ministry as I never really liked dealing with people and the politics of life. But after dwelling on it for bit, there is nothing wrong in gaining more head-knowledge. At the very least, I’ll be able to answer Je-in’s questions on the meaning of life in 4K High Definition quality 🙂

I do seek your prayers in my discernment.

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