Life happens…

Been awhile since the last post. Been pretty hectic at the office with more system cutovers this year. Seems like its going to be every other month where there will be a system upgrade and we have to support on the weekends.

We planned a family treat of a cruise again this year for the annual getaway (Photos here), but things took a turn again. On the day we were to board the ship, L gets a call saying her dad collapsed and is in hospital. So with luggage in-hand she leaves our group and jumps on the next bus back home.

We board the ship with heavy hearts, but nonetheless it was a pleasant trip other than the usual witnessing of extreme kiasu-isms from other tourists during meal-times.

On the second night of the cruise, her father passes on.

I only find out the next morning because of the lack of connectivity. Life really does happen.

We get off the cruise eventually and the next day i take a flight up to be with her family. Made it there just in time for them to inter the ashes at a memorial park. The funeral was over quickly as it had to avoid the first day of winter as no-one would turn up, so the wake was only for a day.

L thankfully is at peace, and has been a pillar of strength especially for her family and we can see how God works in some of these things. I just want to offer a prayer for L’s dad to have eternal light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace.

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